10 HR infographics as we count down to end of 2017

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As we count down the very days to the end of 2017, we figured that a collection of awesome infographics would be a nice touch; As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words - 10 ought to count for a lot of words then!

So for the very last article of 2017, we have hand-picked 10 infographics that we think you would enjoy, and would like to take the opportunity for those reading this, to wish you a most wonderful year ahead!

1 - How to Conduct an Effective Interview

Conducting an interview requires finesse, and above all, a good process that is adhered to, by all hiring managers, to ensure consistency in your firm's recruitment process. Read on to get more useful tips on how to conduct an interview. 


2 - Return on Employee Investment (ROEI)

Take a strategic approach towards your firm's talent management process can reap disproportionate returns; Just how disproportionate, you say? Read on to find out!


3 - 20 Common HR Metrics

A good revision of the HR metrics that are commonly used - Thinking of taking a data-driven approach to HR in the new year? Use these metrics as a starting beacon to get ahead! 


4 - Recruiting Trends

What are the recruiting trends of 2017, and what are the some of the negotiations that are commonly discussed? Your firm's careers page could account for more than a quarter of all job application traffic, so make it a point in 2018 to really work on sprucing up your careers page!


5 - Employee Rewards Aren’t All About the Money

It is somewhat related to money, but money is not the whole story; What else is? Find out more in this interesting infographic!


6 - Hiring Remote Workers? Look For These 5 Qualities 

Hiring remote workers as part of the workforce for your firm? Here are some tips on what to look out for! 


7 - 30 Ways to Make Employees Happy

It isn't rocket science, and there are many ways to achieve employee happiness! Read on to see what are some of these clever tips to maximize employee happiness and in turn, lift employee productivity. 


8 - Is Workplace Culture Overrated?

This infographic title is a needless rhetoric, and espouses the many benefits of having a strong workplace culture in attracting and retaining a talented workforce. A must read! 


9 - Concept and Logic Behind Typical Interview Questions

Boggled by the onslew of seemingly senseless interview questions? Get a look under the hood at some of the logic of classic interview questions, and the conceptual principles behind them. 


10 - Manage Low Employee Morale

Sometimes the inevitable happens, and employee morale is affected. Here is a practical list of helpful advice on what to do, and how to manage low employee morale.