3 Reasons Why You Should Engage Your Job Applicants

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Hiring great people increasingly necessitates that your organization creates an attractive and engaging experience in the hiring process. As a recruiter, part of your job is to “sell” the position to the potential employee and make sure that each candidate is truly interested in the job.  Keeping candidates engaged throughout the hiring process will help to ensure your top contenders accept a job offer, start off engaged and succeed at your organization. Yet despite the growing competition for good talent and the increased awareness of the need to create a good hiring experience for the job applicants, it’s typical for employers / recruiters to conveniently “forget” about contacting the job applicants. In fact, in a study by Career Builder, as much as 75% of workers who applied to jobs didn’t hear back from employers that they have applied for a job at.

While you might sigh a mighty sigh of relief to know that you are not alone in ignoring the multitudes of applicants that have come through the hiring processes at your firm, the survey highlights several appalling implications arising from the seemingly innocuous action of failing to engage job applicants.

1. People expect to hear back from the employer, i.e. YOU

Eighty-two percent of workers expect to hear back from a company when they apply for a job regardless of whether the employer is interested. This is understandable, as the job application process can be a frustrating one, and it is only natural to expect to get a response (even if it’s a rejection) from the employer, which also serves to assuage the applicants of their fears that their applications did not reach the potential employers.

2. Applicants would cast negative aspersions on the company if they fail to hear back on their applications

Nearly one-third (32 percent) of workers said they would be less inclined to purchase products or services from a company that didn’t respond to their application. The survey shows candidates who have had a bad experience when applying for a position are less likely to seek employment at that company again and are more likely to discourage friends and family from applying or purchasing products from that company. Unwittingly, your actions in ignoring the applicants that didn’t make the cut could be creating a lot of negative influence on your brand and product.

Job candidates notice and make judgments about every aspect of your hiring process, including the content of your job postings, the information you provide to them, the professionalism and attitude of your staff, how much you communicate with them, and how the hiring process “feels.” Their perceptions and experience determine whether they continue to engage in your hiring process, and whether they ultimately accept your offer.

3. On the flip side, a good hiring experience casts a halo effect!

The study found that a good applicant experience can have positive long-term effects for organizations regardless if the candidate was actually hired. Workers said if they are happy with the way they are treated by an employer when applying for a job, they would:

· Consider seeking employment with the company again in the future – 56 percent

· Tell others to seek employment there – 37 percent

· Be more likely to purchase products or services from the company – 23 percent

It is clear that job seekers do not decouple the company’s brand image and product from the hiring experience that they have when they seek employment. From the moment they look at your job ad, they are already forming an opinion on what the company stands for as a business, and the opinion is then actively molded based on your response as an employer. A good applicant experience can have a positive ripple effect where candidates will share about their experience with their friends and family, and it is critical that your company treats the hiring process as a touch point no different from that of your marketing channels, and to ensure that your brand gets seen in a positive light.

“We regret to inform that only shortlisted candidates will be notified…”

The age old practice of slipping in a convenient, almost flippant line as an employer to only contact shortlisted candidates is not only archaic, but also potentially damaging to the brand, as outlined in the survey’s findings.

We recommend instead, the following best practices when it comes to engaging your applicants:

1. Thank the candidate for his/her application

Once a candidate has applied to the job, send him/her an email confirmation of receipt of his/her application. Timing is of the essence here, so try to get back to the applicant as soon as you can. Better yet, try adding the personal touch in the confirmation email, which will impress the candidate and keep the candidate intrigued about the outcome of the application.

2. Invite the candidate to engage with your company’s brand on Social Media

Invite the candidate to follow your company via Facebook or LinkedIn in your email confirmation itself. By doing so, you not only invite the candidate to see glimpses of your company culture early in the relationship, but also create  a perfect filter for the right applicants, as interested applicants  will more likely want to engage with your company’s brand as well. That and well, it’s never harmful to garner an extra fan or like in the process. icon smile 3 Reasons Why You Should Engage Your Job Applicants

3. To inform the applicants of your recruiting decision within a reasonable time frame

Regardless of whether you decide to shortlist or reject the candidate, you should inform the candidate within a reasonable time frame, so that he/she is not kept wondering if his/her application ever saw the light of day. If you have decided not to shortlist the candidate, drop him/her an email to thank him/her for the efforts, and inform him/her of the decision. That way, the candidates not only get a confirmation to pursue other opportunities instead, it will also leave a lasting and positive impression on them with regards to your company.

Find it a chore to to contact the applicants one by one?

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