Beginner's Guide Part I | Complete Your Company Profile

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Congratulations on taking the first step towards revolutionising the way you recruit at your firm! :) Now that you have created your account and posted your first job, you should look towards filling in your company profile, such as your company logo! :)

Where does your company logo appear?

Every company that registers with StaffOnDemand gets their very own customised career portal, which they could use to direct interested job seekers to, or embed it as part of their careers webpage.Your company logo will appear at the top left hand corner of the career portal, and you can upload your company logo in 2 simple steps:

1. Click on your company name in the top navigation bar (black), and click on company profile in the drop down list.

2. Upload your company logo (we are happy working with either jpg or png file formats) by clicking browse. We recommend an image size of that is 600 px by 315 px for it to show up nicely when you share your job posts on Facebook! :)

And that’s it! To view your career portal, simply go back to the Recruit screen by clicking on the word “Recruit” (which is next to our StaffOnDemand logo), go to “My Career Portal” (Left side menu) and go to “Manage Portal” and you can see all the current active jobs that your company have, as well as the newly uploaded company logo.

Fill up your UEN, departments and office locations

If you have multiple working locations, be sure to add them to your company profile, so that when you fill out a job post, you can easily select the work location that the job is based at. Likewise, if the hiring is decentralized, (i.e. the hiring is done by the individual department e.g. Marketing, Sales, Operations), do remember to create departments as well so that the correct hiring department is reflected in the job details. (The default department chosen is Human Resources, of course) If you would like us to post your job ad on the National Jobs Bank, be sure to include your business UEN (Unique Entity Number) so that we can post on your behalf! To edit or fill up the above, simply click on your company name in the top navigation bar (black), and click on corresponding item (Departments, offices, etc) in the drop down list.

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