Beginner's Guide Part II | Add your hiring team

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Congratulations on taking the first step towards revolutionizing the way you recruit at your firm! :) Now that you have created your account and posted your first job, you should look towards inviting other members of your hiring team to join the system.

What are hiring team members, you say?

Well, they are anyone that are involved in the hiring process (e.g. as an interviewer or observer). And inviting them to join the system is as easy as sending them an email invite. :) Once they are added to the system, you can coordinate interview scheduling with them, and they can get email notifications whenever there are new applicants for that particular job.

How are they different from User Accounts?

If you invite someone as a user under your StaffOnDemand company account, the person becomes a user once he/she accepts the invite. That said, they are not tagged to any jobs in particular, as they may not be privy to the hiring process for the jobs created by you. In order for them to see the jobs that they should be involved in (as an interviewer or observer), you need to add them as hiring team members.

Here’s how you can add hiring team members:

  • Go to the main Jobs screen, and open the job that you would like to add hiring team members to
  • Click on the tab “Hiring Team”
  • Click “Add by email” for the respective role of Interviewer or Observer.
  • Click on “Save Changes” to send out the email invite.


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