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Increase work productivity, relieves stress and improves your health - What can it not do?

The practice of bringing man’s best friends to work is gaining popularity, and there are plenty of reasons for doing so.

Some of it, are very apparent. For example, the sheer joy of seeing a furry friend propped up on an office chair like your everyday co-worker:


How nice would it be, if your best friend could stand in for you on days when you just find it impossible to drag yourself to work!

Gainful employment - The solution to your dog’s seemingly boundless energy


The science supporting pet-friendly workplaces

According to a study done by Virginia Commonwealth University, employees that brought their dogs to work experienced lower stress levels throughout the work day, reported higher levels of job satisfaction, and had a more positive perception of their employer.

Who would have thought your fur ball could be the answer to all HR problems?


Other incidental benefits include better team cohesion, as people will stop by to play with the furry friends, and interact with colleagues from different parts of the company that you know only via email.

When tummy rubs become a win-win for both hoo-man and dog

If you often find yourself chained to your work desk throughout the day, having your dog around you is the perfect reminder to take well-timed breaks in-between work sessions to recharge. The occasional breaks actually make you more productive, according to research.

So go on, and make your dog’s day by giving him/her the tummy rubs!

“You happy, I happy, everyone is happy!”


Your customers also want to see dogs at your workplace

It’s true. When Dutch airlines KLM created a PR video about a super beagle, Sherlock, whose primary duty is to locate and return lost items to passengers, people were very disappointed to know that Sherlock isn’t real - Many beseeched the airlines to consider making this video come true, and it’s not hard to see why!

KLM Dutch Airlines - Best ad ever made?

In Lowe’s, a hardware store in Abilene, Texas, is feeling the praise and love from its customers  after someone posted online on how the company hired both a war veteran and his service dog.

Charlotte, the service dog, can be spotted working beside Luthy sporting her very own Lowe's vest and brings great joy to the customers that came by:


Snuggles-On-Demand - Uber Puppies Campaign

Recently Uber ran a Godfather-like campaign (i.e. an offer you can’t refuse) with Purina Pro Plan and SOSD - With a simple tap on Uber, you could have cute puppies turn up at your workplace or doorstep for free snuggles!

The best part? Every puppy that turned up are ready for adoption, so for the lucky ones, they could even bring the puppy back and give them a forever home! (Cue “Awwwwwwwww, everyone!”)

Ready to invite furries to the workplace? Here’s a quick guide

If you are sold on the benefits of bringing dogs to the workplace (as you rightfully should after reading such an extensive wall of text), here are some pointers on what to take note of in instilling a pet-friendly workplace.

Proper authorisation procedures

Ensure that only dogs that are well-behaved and sociable are allowed at the workplace, and that they are in the pink of health. You wouldn’t want incessant barking, which would be very disruptive at work, nor sickness to spread amongst the canine friends that mingle at the workplace.

Designated areas

As not all co-workers or clients are comfortable with dogs in close proximity, designated areas should be set aside for your pet dog to interact in, so that people who are uncomfortable with dogs can utilise areas that are not marked out for the same purpose.

Cleaning Schedule & General Upkeep

At the same time, to upkeep the hygiene levels, extra care should be dedicated towards the cleaning of the designated area(s) for pet dogs. At the same time, the office pantry should be ‘dog-proofed’, i.e. human food should not be accessible easily by the friendly canines!

Of course, the many benefits espoused here are not restricted to just the workplace - Dogs can be wonderful companions in your home as well.


Dogs can rock equally well at home too!


If you are looking to invite one into your life, why not consider adopting one from any of the friendly animal shelters in Singapore?


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