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About Banyan Tree Group

Banyan Tree Group is a leading, international hospitality brand that manages and develops premium resorts, hotels and spas.

With over 10,000 associates of over 50 nationalities, the diversity of its workforce is a key feature of the Group and helps to inspire its international outlook and global aspirations.

Staying Ahead With Technology

To ensure recruitment of the best talents, the HR team in the Singapore-based HQ takes on a progressive approach, and constantly taps on new recruitment technology to manage its different corporate entities efficiently.

A Mobile Responsive Careers Portal

The need for a mobile responsive careers portal for firms is often grossly understated. With more than 70% of jobseekers browsing for job opportunities online using their mobile devices, it is somewhat disturbing to note that less than 5% of local companies have a mobile responsive careers portal to capture this humongous pool of jobseekers that forms an integral part of the talent pipeline.

Banyan Tree has cleverly utilised an alluring picture of their idyllic resort in the Maldives (Vabbinfaru) to invite you into their world of hospitality as you land on their mobile-responsive careers portal.

All current opportunities are made available on their careers portal, and jobseekers can send in their application on the go with their mobile device.

Social Recruiting

Given that the average person in Singapore spends close to 25% of their day on social media1, it makes a lot of sense for recruiters to reach out to jobseekers via social media, aka 'Social Recruiting'. In reality, most recruiters struggle with having to manage multiple job source channels, and adding a pool of social media networks simply translates to an amplification of their headaches!

However, with our social hiring tool, recruiting teams like Banyan Tree Group can broadcast their employment opportunities via FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc via a click of a button. To top it off, you can track the applications, and invest in the right channels that proved effective in bringing you the right candidates.

A Career Dream for any Hotelier Professional

At Banyan Tree Group, employees are given space for creativity in their work, and are encouraged to do what they can to create an excellent stay experience for their esteemed guests. Correspondingly, the group also provides great staff benefits and facilities with the promise of career progression and dedication to groom their staff in their hospitality careers. Underscoring the company's policies is the firm belief that to deliver a "5-star" experience for their guests, they must first instil a sense of pride in their staff, and provide an environment and culture that encourages the staff to do their best, everyday.

In 2008, the group also established the Banyan Tree Management Academy (BTMA), designed with the sole purpose of training future Banyan Tree leaders needed to sustain organisational effectiveness and to meet the demands of the firm's rapid global growth.

So, What Do They Look Out For In Candidates?

The Banyan Tree Group prides itself on providing its customers with the “Banyan Tree Experience" - Employees are empowered to vary their services provided to the guests according to local cultures/practices, as long as they keep in line with the company’s brand promise.

As customer experience has and will always be their primary concern, one of the key things that the Group looks for in potential candidates, is a dedication and passion to deliver stellar customer experience. At the same time, the Group is also heavily centered on creating a sustainable community and is dedicated towards CSR efforts to achieve the same in the communities that they operate in, and beyond.

As a testament to how this corporate philosophy translates to tangible decisions, all of Banyan Tree Group's resort structures are ‘environmentally-friendly’ and are designed to blend in seamlessly with its surroundings, allowing guests to unwind in comfort while soaking in the local landscape. The diversity and outreach of the group's CSR initiatives, such as their collaboration with the Millennium Elephant Foundation to produce a range of elephant dung paper products, or their Better World Campaign, highlights the group's commitment towards corporate social responsibility.

Interested to Join the Banyan Tree Group? Check out their career opportunities below!

If you are unable to find a suitable position but would like to be considered for future openings, simply deposit your resume at their career portal here.

1 - Average duration of daily social media usage in Asia Pacific as of 4th quarter 2015, by country