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What Are Corporate Wellness Programmes?

Corporate wellness programmes are any employer-sponsored programmes designed to support employees as they adopt and sustain behaviours that improve their quality of life and enhance personal effectiveness.

These programmes can take on a wide range of activities involving physical & mental health and overall well-being of working individuals at the workplace, such as health screenings, sports challenges / activities, gym memberships, wellness talks, interest clubs and group activities.

Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programmes

While it may be common to think that corporate wellness programmes are more of a “good to have”, research have shown that it is not only a strategic imperative, but a meld of both corporate responsibility and business necessity for a company to sustain a healthy and satisfied labor force.

In fact, the ROI of corporate wellness programmes points to a brilliant investment ; It is estimated that for every $1 spent, a well executed wellness programme can yield close to $3 in returns.

After all, employees are the most valuable assets to any company, and a healthier, more motivated workforce is a happier, more productive workforce.

At its core, a corporate wellness programme  is a strategic investment that yields companies lowered expenses often in the form of better performing workers, lower absenteeism and health care costs and better staff retention rates.

Studies have pointed to how organizations with highly effective wellness programs report significantly lower voluntary attrition than do those whose programs have low effectiveness (9% vs. 15%).

The bottom line (pun intended) message is clear: Invest in the health of your employees and the return is exponential.

So, What’s Your Corporate Wellness Programmes Like?

Tell us about your corporate wellness programme and win attractive prizes from award-winning Ikeda Spa!

  • 1-hour Japanese Beauty Workshop for 50 pax (2 sessions), worth S$850
  • S$200 Ikeda Spa voucher

Bonus Treat

Participate and all your colleagues benefit! Enjoy complimentary corporate discounts from Ikeda Spa when you or your colleagues visits Ikeda Spa:

  • 25% off 1st visit
  • 15% off subsequent visits
  • 1 for 1 birthday spa treats

If you are a HR manager, give us a shout out and enjoy a complimentary 60 minutes massage as well!

I’m In! How Do I Participate?

To participate, simply drop us an email at and tell us

  • The current corporate wellness programmes you have at work
  • The number of employees at your workplace (1 - 30, 31 - 50, 51 - 100, >100, etc)

Remember to leave down your contact details so we can contact you if you win! :)

Contest end date: 30 November 2015

Ikeda Spa Corporate Wellness Programme

The Japanese Beauty Workshop is part of the Wellness@Lunchtime series, where participants can get hands on experience in learning about proper skin cleansing, toning, maintanence techniques, and experience the thrill of making their own DIY face mask with everyday, natural ingredients that you see in your kitchen.

Japanese Beauty Workshop

About Ikeda Spa

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Terms & Conditions:

  • To be eligible for the contest, the participant’s company must have a StaffOnDemand employer account [Sign up for free here!]
  • By participating in the contest, you allow:
    • StaffOnDemand to share the details of your participation, including your contact information with third partie(s) such as the sponsor, who may contact you using the information.
    • Ikeda Spa Pte Ltd, the contest sponsor to provide a complimentary corporate wellness program to all your colleagues at the workplace
  • HR managers whose companies have yet to come onboard Ikeda Spa Corporate Discount Programme are eligible to enjoy a complimentary 60 minutes massage provided by Ikeda Spa. Verification (e.g. flashing your staff pass or name card) is required to redeem this treat.

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