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In this month’s exclusive feature, we invite Sam Neo, founder of People Mentality Inc, to share his thoughts on talent acquisition.

Sam, a much-lauded HR professional with an accelerated experience in market leading companies such as Keppel Corporation and Changi Airport Group, have taken on a diverse range of roles in areas of Talent Management, Business Partnership, Talent Acquisition, Corporate Social Responsibility and Staff Engagement among others.

We pick his mind on a myriad of issues that employers face in the world of talent acquisition, and present to you the 4 key highlights.

1. Employer branding starts from within

When it comes to employer branding, it really goes beyond throwing in marketing dollars. Why? Imagine a bad review on social media networks or Glassdoor. Whatever dollar-sum investments that has been placed on marketing can easily go down the drain.

Get the people agenda right by starting from within. This means working on the various touchpoints ranging from recruitment, onboarding to performance management and even to the point where employees leave. You want to create the best experience possible at those touchpoints so that even when the employee leaves, you get a brand ambassador, not a disgruntled ex-employee.  

2. It pays to create a positive candidate experience

Candidate experience is something that has often been overlooked. How we engage the candidate matters and it can range from the emails we send, the response time, how we interview them etc. Every single touchpoint when interacting with the candidate, regardless of the eventual hiring outcome, makes a difference to your ability to attract the best talents. Just imagine an interview where you had such a great experience versus one that was outright horrible. What kind of message does it send across to potential candidates about the cultural fit at the organization?

Another area to consider is the internal branding. What your employees say about your organization is critical. With the ease of information access today, candidates can readily get inputs from your employees. You want to make sure that the experience of your people are good so that they can be your brand ambassadors to advocate you as a choice employer. 

Talent acquisition is probably one of, if not the most important function in HR - It is therefore paramount to align your talent acquisition strategy with the other aspects of HR to ensure maximum effectiveness.

3. Poor performance is likely an outcome of goal misalignment

One recent assignment which I undertook was a goal alignment and performance management project.

Prior to the project, the client was facing an issue of poor performance due to a lack of clarity in goals, poor accountability amongst the managers and people, as well as lack of transparency. It was evident that morale was low, turnover was high and the client was even losing business because of poor delivery by the team.

Prior to crafting any solution, what we always believe in is to get to the root of the issue and hear not only from the management, but also the managers and employees to understand about the challenges they face, and identify the root cause of the problem. 

With clearer goals and a streamlined commitment towards adopting a performance management approach, it resulted in greater transparency, accountability and trust amongst the team.

4. Focus on high perceived value yet low cost items

Very often, organizations focus solely on the compensation and benefits aspect which typically comprise of tangible items - salary, bonus, leave etc, to attract and retain talents. Question is, how sustainable is that? If organizations are perpetually competing with that, it simply raises costs and they will enter a price war where pretty much everyone loses. 

That said, I'll encourage them to instead focus on total value where intangible items are considered too. Shift the concept from total rewards to total value where you identify items that are relatively low cost yet have high perceived value for your employees. That way, you can truly craft out what is appealing and not enter the unsustainable price war which will create long term damage to the organization. Lower your cost, increase your attractiveness.

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