Growing Like Wild Honey

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In May, we have the privilege of an exclusive peek into the wildly successful Wild Honey, and what powers the engine of growth of the establishment.

Wild Honey has been crowned the Restaurant of the Year in Chope’s Diners’ Choice Awards for 2 years in a row and had clinched the award for Best Brunch Spot as well in preceding years of 2014 and 2015.

As a pioneer of an all-day breakfast dining, the founders of Wild Honey took inspiration from their travels over the years and created a diverse array of breakfast dishes, offering their diners the opportunity to become an armchair traveller through the immersive experience of tasting international cultures across places like Paris, Mexico, Turkey, Yemen, Australia and beyond.

Why breakfast, one may ask?

"It’s the meal that deserves to be loved",

quipped Guy, the co-founder of Wild Honey.

And rightly so, if we may add. Wild Honey took off like a runway success in a hyper-competitive industry of food & beverage, and has never looked back since.  With a year-on-year growth of 200% in terms of diners (seating) across the 8 years of operations, Wild Honey has achieved what many in the industry deemed impossible - An unbridled growth with a loyal clientele that swears by its amazing breakfasts.  

Engine of Growth : People & Innovation

The success of Wild Honey was a testament of what is possible when a brilliant idea meets with excellent execution. To not only retain, but grow its clientele exponentially in the face of ever-growing competition, the team at Wild Honey accredits their engine of growth to two main factors: Their people, and their ability to innovate.


The Wild Honey team looks at their guest dining experience as a paramount factor, and always strives towards making it novel for the diner, no matter how often the diner has been to Wild Honey.

To achieve this, the team looks at customizing their menu and catering for memorable occasions – For example, in the month of June, in conjunction with the upcoming World Cup, the Wild Honey team will be organizing 24-hours brunches (defying every connotation to the word ‘Brunch’!) at its Mandarin Gallery establishment. 

The People Factor: Service Quality as Priority

At the heart of Wild Honey, is its team of service oriented folks – It is the core quality that they look out for in candidates, as they are committed towards ensuring that each and every Wild Honey guest gets an exceptional dining experience.

 Meet The Team

Maintaining the Brand Promise through Teamwork

In Wild Honey, the core leadership team forms less than 30% of their entire workforce, and the dynamism and ever changing nature of the F&B Industry meant a constant need to recruit new team members, while ensuring that the dining experience of guests are not compromised.

This was a huge challenge for Wild Honey as it went on its stellar growth path and expanded successfully to Malaysia in 2017 – The management team needed a way to :

  • Centralize its recruitment activities across Singapore and Malaysia
  • Streamline its recruitment workflow
  • Brand itself as a choice employer through their career portal
  • Manage the inflow of applications from social media, its career portal and other advertising mediums.

For this, Wild Honey tapped on StaffOnDemand’s recruitment management solution and was able to achieve all these within a short span of 2 weeks.

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