Have you visited the SME portal yet?

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The SME Portal (formerly known as the EnterpriseOne Portal) is the first stop for Singapore SME owners and aspiring entrepreneurs looking for information, tools and services that can help them build sustainable and competitive businesses. Serving the business community since 2006, the Portal has been enhanced over the years to meet the changing needs of SMEs.

Through collaborations between SPRING Singapore, government agencies and over 30 industry partners, the Portal now offers useful government and commercial information and services for SMEs at various business stages. This includes centralised information on government assistance schemes, industry insights and exclusive offers on business solutions. The Portal also serves as a point of access to key government e-services such as GeBiz Alerts and other commercial resources.

Users can also create an account to receive personalised information and services based on their interests and business needs. With an SME Portal account, users can also connect with like-minded individuals across industries to achieve common business goals.

Here are 4 key highlights of the portal that we think are very useful for SME owners!

Discover Business Opportunities with GeBiz Alerts and eBiz Trading Board

GeBIZ Alerts is an email service that automatically notifies subscribers of relevant business opportunities posted on GeBIZ (Singapore government’s procurement website). Businesses are able to receive these alerts via their preferred mailbox and in accordance to their selected notification settings.

Subscribe for GeBiz Alerts here today!

Looking out for commercial tenders and quotation requests from the private sector? Check out the eBIZ Trading Board, a one-stop e-procurement portal for businesses. Partnered with SESAMi, the portal offers products and services from the largest enterprises in Singapore, including Singtel, Singapore Airlines, ST Electronics and OCBC bank.

Register to access the eBIZ Trading Board here today!

Identify Relevant Government Schemes with Smart Advisor

Confused by the kaleidoscope of government grants out there in the market? Find a suitable grant for your business needs easily by using the Smart Advisor tool on the SME Portal. This online tool helps you identify relevant schemes that your business can tap on, based on your company’s business profile and priorities.

Thought Leadership, Business Guides

The SME portal has also neatly categorized resources and information for easy reference by sector and business stages, so that SMEs can quickly hone in on the type of content that they are interested in. Contributing to the ever growing information space are thought leaders or subject domain experts that covers a wide spectrum of business operations and provides rich fodder for thought from community voices on issues close to our hearts. At StaffOnDemand, we share alot on the recruitment trends and strategies for the modern workplace, which you can find here and here.

Special SME Offers

Check out the various exclusive offers from various partners of the SME Portal, such as StaffOnDemand's 2-month, no-obligation trial for new direct employers here>>

In addition, the Portal launched its first ever SMEmpower campaign in September 2016 to help SMEs improve their business capabilities and productivity. Be it in the area of Business Operations, Sales & Marketing, HR, Logistics & Transport or IT, you will be able to find exclusive offers for an array of business tools and resources catered for various business needs. Find out more here.