Helpling’s Top 5 Traits to Look Out For When Hiring

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Talent spotting, quintessentially, is an art form. Requiring great finesse to identify unicorn employees that are not only great at what they do, but more importantly, a fit to the culture of the firm, is the nirvana of HR personnel and recruiters.

For the simple fact that people are multi-faceted in nature, it takes effort and tact for recruiters to be able to draw out meaningful responses, and look beyond mere qualifications for a proper assessment of the candidate’s suitability for the firm.

Fortunately, amongst us is Helpling, the world’s leading platform for on-demand cleaning services. Having started in early 2014, the Rocket Internet backed startup has expanded quickly in over 200 cities across 15 countries in an amazing short span of time.

As a fast-growing organization, they have grown their talents exponentially and fun is an integral core ingredient in helping them to attract and retain good talents -

When you spend most of your working hours at one place, it is essential that you enjoy the environment. This is why we make sure that we are surrounded by fun, highly motivated people, with diverse personalities, and not to mention, the occasional parties that we throw once in awhile.

Did someone say "PARTIES?!" - Where do we sign up, please! ;)

We have the good fortune of inviting Philippe Limes, CEO of Helpling Asia to share some exclusive tips on identifying great people to join the firm.

The secret sauce, according to Philippe, boils down to 5 major traits that they look out for when interviewing a candidate:

1. The oxymonoric independent team player

One of the most important aspects that we (Helpling) look out for, is an independent team player that knows how to have fun at work. For a project, or a corporate vision to be successful, it is important for people to take ownership of their work and be committed to the whole process, from communication and coordination all the way down to execution. This requires a certain degree of individual excellence and ability to deliver on his/her own portion of work, and be effective in coordinating amongst other contributors in the team to execute effectively as a collective group.

2. The Thinker

Generally, it is not our goal to hear prepared answers. Our questions are more inclined towards getting to know the candidate’s personality and values, strengths, how they can contribute to the team and how good of a culture fit they may be. Aside from that we also test the candidate on the most relevant skills for the job. For example, recently we wanted to understand the logical thinking of one candidate that we interviewed for a business intelligence role. We asked him a deceptively simple question that only 5% of candidates get right.

In most cases, many people rush into an answer without thinking it through.

THINK, people, think!

3. The Creative Communicator

As working for a startup requires a lot of communication and coordination from different teams, it is essential that the individual is highly driven and is able to communicate his or her own thoughts clearly. Over here, our culture encourages everyone to proactively come up with new ideas and we have virtually no hierarchy here, which means the best idea wins.

4. The Multi-Tasker and Fast Learner

Everyone in the team is expected to wear multiple hats and manage multiple parts of the business. In addition, a critical part of our onboarding process involves having people learn while working with various departments and for that, everyone is expected to be capable of critical thinking, be a core problem-solver at heart and take on a very hands-on approach. This does not only develop our new joinees as an individual, but also empower them to not be afraid of contributing opinions and solutions.

5. The Challenger

A lot of trust is given to each and every one of our team members. A major part of excitement working at Helpling is that everyone is part of the solution, and this (perhaps as a positive by-effect) attracts the right kind of people that crave that kind of responsibility and contribution that we offer here. We always motivate team members to rethink the status quo and challenge conventions and look out for talents that enjoy contributing new ideas to improve the firm.

Does this sound like you? 

If so, check out the exciting career opportunities at Helpling's career portal today!

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