How are you handling job applicants?

StaffOnDemand Blog

If you have been a diligent recruiter that posts at multiple job channels, you likely face the dire consequences of having an avalanche of applications coming in from all over the place. Your email inbox is chocked full of job applicant alerts, asking you to log into the different job portals to download and collate the resumes, amidst the 1001 other things that are screaming for your attention. It’s a classic case of “Damn if you are right, and damn if you are not” – too few applicants (if you have cut some slack in terms of marketing your job opportunity) defeats the purpose of recruitment, and too many applicants on the other hand would prove to be too much of a nightmare for you to handle.

Thankfully, there is a sweet spot for this, and it doesn’t cost you a penny to stay frustration-free when it comes to recruitment!

Intelligent Recruiting (aka how to recruit smarter, at a fraction of your efforts)

By signing up with us, you get yourself a powerful applicant tracking system that endeavors to help you manage the inflow of applicants from the job boards that you’ve posted to. We help you to do a single click posting to some of the most popular job boards out there, allowing you to achieve so much more in the same time that it took you to log into any one of the portals. When the applicants apply at any of the portals that your job ad was posted on, their application will flow to the platform automatically; No more manual, tedious collation of resumes for shortlisting!

Engaging your applicants

We’ve all been there on this dark road; Ignoring job applicants that weren’t being shortlisted, simply because we were too caught up with arranging for the interviews to bother about the rest. It’s not only an appalling lack of basic etiquette, but also reflects poorly on the company! Batch emailing candidates to keep them informed about the progress (e.g. shortlisted / rejected) is as easy as a click when you use StaffOnDemand. We keep track of the different statuses of your applicants, so you can easily refer to them anytime you need.