How do I schedule for interviews?

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Interview scheduling is often a tough balancing act which incurs huge pains that only seasoned recruiters can understand. After all, from the surface, how hard can it be to set aside a time slot to get select candidates and a decent interview panel together, right? Wrong.

As many recruiters would readily attest, scheduling can be a recurring nightmare that zaps up precious time, as you shuffle thanklessly between the interviewer and the individual job candidates to determine a suitable time slot for the interview. More often than not, Murphy’s law would kick in despite the herculean and painstaking efforts you took in setting up the interview, where something would suddenly “crop up” and the interview has to be rescheduled, sending you crashing right back to square one.

What’s worse, is knowing that the clock’s ticking, and dragging your feet on setting an interview slot is not an option. Given the tight labor conditions and the intense competition for the right talent in Singapore, you can be sure that your interviewees are also being eyed by your competitors or other choice employers. If speed is the name of the game, how do you schedule for interviews fast and efficiently?

How do I schedule for interviews?

1. After logging into the system, click on “Recruit” at the top left hand corner, and click “Open” on the job that you would like to manage.

2. You will be directed to the applicants tab, where a neat overview of all the applicants resides. To schedule an applicant for an interview, simply hover your mouse over the applicant, where a menu bar will appear.

3. Hover over the menu bar, and under the option “More”, select “Schedule Interview” (1st option in the drop down list).

4. A window will pop up to ask for inputs on the interview appointment date and time, with a pre-populated email template that you could use to send to the applicant. After the information is filled up, click “Continue” and then “Send”.

5. And that’s it! An email will be sent to the applicant, requesting for confirmation on the proposed interview slot. Interviewers in the hiring team would get their interview calendars automatically updated with this upcoming interview, and you would have saved yourself tons of time! Treat yourself to coffee for learning this neat trick! icon smile How do I schedule for interviews?