How to Turn Off Email Notifications

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We know our users are very busy people cool, and more often than not, can do with less email notifcations, not more. Which is why, we allow our users to easily customise how they would like to receive email notifications from us in the user settings.

By default, you receive an email notification when:

  • A new job application comes in that prompts you to log in and review the applicant for the jobs that you are managing
  • A daily summary of the application numbers from the previous day for all the jobs that you are managing


As administrators, you receive email notifications regarding all jobs in your company.For a fast-growing company with an ongoing recruitment drive, administrators may receive quite a bit of email notifications from us a day, which can be highly distressing for your email inbox!

To dramatically reduce the number of email notifications, here is our simple guide:

  • Log into your StaffOnDemand Account
  • Click on your name on the top black navigation bar
  • Click on Settings in the drop down list
  • Select Email Notifications on the left menu bar
  • Uncheck the boxes for Daily Summary or Individual Candidate as you see fit
  • Click Save to commit the changes


Cheers to a much leaner email inbox in the new year! :)

If you have any feedback or enquiry, do drop us a note here or chat with us on our in-app live chat - We would love to stay in touch and hear from you!