HR Avengers: A Network of SME-Friendly HR Solutions Tailored Just for You

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The shift towards digitising the workplace has been happening rapidly, and as part of the HR team of an SME, the process of getting started may seem daunting - With the plethora of solutions out there catering for different spectrums of the HR function, how does one go about determining the best solution that is needed by the organization?

If you are wondering about that, you are not alone. (And, this article is written for you!)

HR ‘Avengers’ - SME-Friendly Solutions

The universe for HR functions is vast, and navigating it can be complex. To support the HR eco-system, we work with some of the leading HR technology solution providers, which, on top of being leaders in the individual HR space, are also tailored to be budget friendly for SMEs.

Here is a helpful summary on what each of them can help you with:

When you need help in employer branding

People Mentality Inc provides HR consulting with a focus on building an Employer of Choice to better attract, engage and retain Millenials, and how you can utilise social media and content development to tell your brand story.

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When you need help to manage employee benefits

Affordable health benefits for SME employees used to be an elusive concept, but now no more, thanks to Mednefits  - Through Mednefits, SMEs are able to provide their employees with attractive health coverage – thereby better attracting & retaining them. Benefits can include free medical services, dental care, outpatient GP, health screening and more.

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When you need help to screen, assess and verify your candidates

Need to do a background check on a candidate that you are about to place? That is now as easy as a click with Avvanz through their due diligence and background screening check platform.

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When you need help to onboard and train your employees

Training new employees but unsure if they are fastidiously going through the content? Try Gnowbe, a pioneering mobile micro-learning and engagement solution to help your employees with better knowledge retention.

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When you need help to keep updated on the latest HR trends and information

Representing a strong network of members comprising individuals and organisations, SHRI is committed to promulgating and maintaining high standards of professionalism in human resource management and development.

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When you need help to grow your human capital for regional or global expansion

The Resource Group’s goal is to equip small and medium enterprises with the necessary knowledge and expertise of multinational’s human capital processes to grow into the regional and global stages.

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You can find a list of our partners (which will grow over time!) here.

Government Grant Support for Adoption of Innovative HR Technologies

The adoption of HR Technology solutions entails a cost component, which maybe often be yet another barrier and impediment in the HR digitisation journey for SMEs. To resolve this issue, Enterprise Singapore has rolled out a new initiative and grant scheme specifically aimed at helping SMEs to adopt innovative HR technologies and be more efficient.

StaffOnDemand is very proud to be one of the pioneering HR technology solutions selected to be part of this initiative, where SMEs looking to take their first dip into the HR digitisation process can leverage on the grant scheme.

Read more about how you can, as an SME, benefit from the grant when you use smart HR solutions like StaffOnDemand, Mednefits or Gnowbe here.