HR Capability Workshop - Employer Branding & Recruitment

StaffOnDemand Blog

Recently, StaffOnDemand and Human Capital Singapore (HCS) were invited to join SCCCI as keynote speakers to share on Employer Branding & Recruitment.

The session saw to a lively interactive session between the speakers and the audience, which comprises of more than 70 HR professionals, managers, consultants, SME business owners and trade associations.

In a tight labor market, how can SMEs become employers of choice and attract and retain good talents? The key lies in developing a strong employer brand and adopting effective HR practices that sustains a strong talent pipeline.

Given the ample benefits of employer branding and the stiff competition for talents in today’s labor market, employer branding is more of a necessity than a luxury for SMEs. During the session, the audience learnt about the myriad of tangible benefits that employer branding can bring, such as lower costs of hire and decrease in staff turnover.

Dispelling the common myth that employer branding is an expensive affair afforded only by large companies, we took the opportunity to share with the audience on some useful, low-cost strategies that lean HR teams in SMEs could employ to establish a strong brand image to potential jobseekers and their existing staff.

The session also featured Kenneth from HCS, who spoke about diversity and inclusiveness  in the workplace and how SMEs can build up a work culture that not only inspires employees, but impresses clients. SME Talent Programme (STP) Manager David then provided the SMEs with a detailed a walk-through on the various government schemes available  to leverage on for adoption of HR technologies and how to go determining the suitability of each scheme for the SME.

HR Capability Workshops are complimentary, and are meant to help SMEs to improve their HR efficiency. Come join SCCCI for the next session by signing up for their mailing list here.