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We hire 'Crazy' - MyRepublic

A 100% Singapore-grown startup, MyRepublic is the world’s first telecom company purpose-built for optical fibre NBNs (National Broadband Networks) and launched Singapore and South East Asia’s first 1Gbps fibre broadband plan under a whopping S$50.

In our second part of our SME Stories, we speak to Kadir, IT Manager, MyRepublic Labs on how the team continues to lead as the game changer in the telecommunications industry, and their perspective on hiring the best talents in their trail-blazing journey as the 4th telecommunications company in Singapore.

StaffOnDemand: MyRepublic burst into the telecommunications scene in 2011, and change the entire landscape as we know it. This could not have been done without a team of dedicated individuals who believed in the vision as well - How did you all go about amassing these talents at the early stage?

Kadir: Our company culture has attracted a very passionate and ambitious team that wants to change the world. We are truly excited to be part of the changing landscape of broadband that extends beyond Singapore. We empower our staff and allow their talent to flourish. Having a strong vision as well as being different from the current incumbents whether it is on broadband products or even customer experiences is what makes us attractive (as an employer).  

StaffOnDemand: What are some of the activities that your HR team put in place to encourage cohesiveness in the workplace?

Kadir: We strive in having an atmosphere of honestly and integrity, where doors are open to all levels of our organization. Events such as our D&D and "Innovation" meetings allow us to have fun as well as bring about discussion and idea sharing. We also have many impromptu "makan" sessions across departments to build a positive workplace climate.

StaffOnDemand: What are some of the key characteristics that you look for in a candidate that would like to join MyRepublic?

Kadir: We look first and foremost for the best talent available. Our CEO was quoted saying “ We hire crazy” and that "craziness" is what we look for our potential employees. It is also really important to find people who can fit right into our corporate culture, are trustworthy and not afraid of getting their hands dirty. We look for people can think out of the box and are able to provide unique solutions to any problem.

StaffOnDemand: What are your thoughts on employer branding, and do you think it's important for employers to brand themselves to jobseekers and even existing staff?

Kadir: Employer branding is increasingly becoming more relevant as we are competing to source for talent . Our employees project MyRepublic's brand and culture to not just our customers but other potential employees as well as other stakeholders. Corporate culture and employer branding must go hand in hand so we can continue to drive innovation and change within the broadband and telecommunication industry.

Feel "crazy" enough to be part of MyRepublic's team? Check out their career opportunities right here >>

The article is part of the winning entry for Ikeda Spa’s Corporate Wellness Contest held in the month of November.