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At StaffOnDemand, it brings us great joy to empower our clients  to achieve great things through our recruitment technology.

In particular, one client stood out. KOTRA Singapore, a state-funded trade promotion agency,manages a high recruitment volume across geographies (South Korea and Singapore) and a multitude of industries with a power HR team of just 2 personnel!

Read on to understand more about how they leveraged on recruitment technology to achieve this amazing feat.

About KOTRA Singapore

KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) is a state-funded trade and investment promotion organization operated by the Government of South Korea. Established in 1962 as a national trade promotion organization, it has facilitated Korea's rapid export-led economic development through various trade promotion activities such as overseas market surveys, SME export promotion,trade info services, government-to-government export, foreign investment in Korea (FDI) promotion and business matchmaking.

In order to execute its mandates more efficiently, KOTRA has opened an extensive worldwide network of overseas Korea Trade Centers (KTC).

Today, KOTRA maintains 120 offices in 82 countries and nearly 13 offices in Korea.

In Singapore, KOTRA has been committed to promoting the mutual prosperity between the Korean and Singapore business communities since its establishment in 1964, assisting Korea exporters to broaden their market to Singapore and Asia region and providing customised services to Singapore based companies sourcing for products from Korea.

KOTRA’s Global Talent Recruitment Service

KOTRA Singapore has piloted a Global Talent Recruitment Service to facilitate talent sourcing for participating companies based in South Korea or Singapore. Through this service, companies are able to tap on KOTRA’s wide network for global talent needs.

Since the inception of the service, several companies, such as Hyundai Corporation, CJ South East Asia, ATOS and Starwood Hotels & Resorts have benefited from this complimentary service that is aimed to help businesses and facilitate bilateral talent movement.

Case Study - Trick Eye Museum, Singapore

An interactive 3D museum, Trick Eye Museum first opened its doors in 2010 at the heart of Hongdae in Seoul, South Korea. The museum’s name Trickeye comes from a shortened form of the term ‘Trick of the eye’ referring to the art technique Trompe-l’oeil and features exhibits that can be modified and completed through visitor’s participation. In response to high demand and increasing popularity, the Trick Eye Museum opened two domestic branches in Busan and Jeju and has successfully established its overseas branch in Singapore in 2014.

To prepare for the large crowds for the novel interactive museum, Trick Eye Museum Singapore have to recruit a team of sales and customer service executives in a short amount of time. To achieve this, they leveraged on KOTRA Singapore’s Global Talent Recruitment Service. KOTRA Singapore was able to tap on the local networks and jobseeker communities and find suitable placements with a quick turnaround.

Managing Global Talent Acquisition Efforts With a Super Lean Duo Team

With the stellar record of helping many companies (across industries and geography) to acquire talent, you might be very surprised to know that KOTRA Singapore’s HR team has only 2 personnel!

Power Duo Team at KOTRA Singapore
Two countries, multiple firms, dozens of positions, countless applicants and two very brave HR professionals - How did they manage to pull off such a feat?

Say Hello to StaffOnDemand Recruitment Management Software.

KOTRA Singapore HR team utilizes the recruitment management software to handle the large recruitment volumes that stream in, and builds an intelligent, searchable talent database that the team can quickly reference and recommend job applicants to whenever suitable vacancies arise.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the features that are well-utilised by the ultra-efficient team at KOTRA Singapore:

1 - Increasing Outreach to Applicants

KOTRA Singapore HR utilises the job link function to share these job opportunities across its network. The job link directs jobseekers to their career portal, and delineates the job information details for the jobseekers’ consideration. Applications are automatically collated, and this means the HR team can have an instant overview of all applications on a centralized platform and do away with the need for manual collation across job portals, communities and boards. (Tip: This can cut down your hiring cycle time by as much as 50%!)

All applications are stored in a secure talent pool database that can be accessed only by authorized personnel from KOTRA Singapore. Keeping in line with the best practices of the personal data protection act (PDPA), the digital talent pool helps KOTRA Singapore HR Team to streamline the storage and retrieval of recruitment data efficiently.

2 - Customised Search and Filter Functionality in Career Portal

Jobseekers are increasingly turning to the online medium as part of their job search process. Correspondingly, a firm’s corporate careers page is one of the key tools that recruitment teams can utilize to reach out to the potential jobseekers. KOTRA Singapore HR team takes it one step further by customising their powerful, multi-functional career portal to allow jobseekers to easily filter and search for job opportunities by companies and employment type.

Fully decked in KOTRA’s distinctive corporate blue, the portal contains interactive videos that share on KOTRA’s mission and marketing campaigns and also directs jobseekers to its main corporate site (In Korean) for more information.

The mobile responsive portal is built with the intent of helping KOTRA Singapore’s HR team to harness the talent pool that comes through their career portal and amplify the firm’s outreach to jobseekers through the social sharing tools provided.  

3 - Applicant Engagement & Interview Scheduling

Through the system, KOTRA Singapore HR Team can easily engage with job applicants and send potential candidates interview invites via email. A variety of email templates are available to assist the team to quickly send out status updates, candidate interview requests and manage the interview calendar across the entire organization.

4 - Collaborative Team Review

In the face of large recruitment volumes (a single job can see to hundreds of applications!), the HR team in KOTRA Singapore work in tandem to pre-screen applicants by making use of our applicant tagging feature. The team can indicate that an applicant has been screened by either moving the candidate to a different status (e.g. Shortlisted), or adding a tag (e.g. KIV). This way, they can easily keep track of the different statuses of the applicants, and collaborative hiring is then made simple, and effortless.

Expanding Fast And Can’t Cope With Talent Acquisition Efforts?

Company growth spurts can be spontaneous, and terribly stressful for HR teams - It usually amounts to a spike in recruitment volume with no corresponding increase in manpower to handle the mammoth efforts to attract and hire talents.

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