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At StaffOnDemand, we onboarded a new member that never sleeps - The StaffOnDemand Chatbot!

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot, by definition, is a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the Internet. With the right inputs and structured conversation flows, the artificial intelligence can help handle queries from customers and potential users, and even encourage purchase behaviour by suggesting users product offerings based on the user inputs. Chatbots are increasingly welcomed as an additional channel to interact with users, and are incredibly hardworking - They are available 24/7!


What can our Chatbot do?

Our chatbot is poised to help users to know more about StaffOnDemand - If you are new to StaffOnDemand and are unsure how you can utilize our recruitment management system, our chatbot is here to help demystify!

Do have a chat with our friendly chatbot and let us know what you think by giving the feedback right to the chatbot - Simply type “feedback” to the Chatbot, and have fun chatting! :)


Interested to create one of your own? Here’s how!

You can always create a chatbot easily without technical expertise. You do need to plan out the conversation flow though, to make sure your chatbot is able to strike up a proper conversation with the user, and provide useful nuggets of information required or channel the enquiry to the team otherwise.

For our chatbot, we utilised We recommend pre-planning out the various conversation flows on paper, and then create these flows within the user-friendly interface on Chatfuel. Enjoy!