New Feature : Applicant Summary

StaffOnDemand Blog

Here's yet another much requested feature that we have built for our dearest users who interact with StaffOnDemand everyday - Underscoring the concept and philosophy of how StaffOnDemand can make your recruitment process easier and better for you, we have customized the applicant summary content that you see, based on the stage of recruitment that the applicant is in.

Application History & Status Summary

At the same time, we have also enabled our users to quickly see if the applicant has applied to other positions in the company and the status of the application(s).

Interview Schedules at a Glance

Under the scheduled interview stage, you can easily sort scheduled interviewees by the recency of their interview dates - Planning and managing interviews have never been easier!

Drop us a note or chat with us to let us know what you think of the new applicant summary! :)