New Feature: Jobs Expiry Notifications

StaffOnDemand Blog

Recruitment can be a very taxing and tedious process, and lean HR teams that grapple with a high volume of career opportunities (typical of fast-growing organisations) often bear the brunt of this.

Lost in a sea of applications, it is easy to lose track of the stage of the recruitment process for each and every job opportunity - Figuring out which job posts are expiring, whether the job has been filled (and therefore should be closed for further applications), or whether the job should be reposted due to poor response / unsuitable candidates can be a daunting task that threatens to dull even the cheeriest of Monday mornings (if there ever was a cheery Monday to begin with!).

To everyone who struggles with managing recruitment on a daily basis: Our hearts go out to you. Life ain’t suppose be this hard.

Mondays : The Forever Enemy

That's why we are here to help! At the behest and helpful suggestion of some of our favorite users, we have come up with an automated email notification that gently lands on your email inbox every Monday morning and neatly lists down for you all the jobs that are expiring in the week - How awesome is that!

That is not all - through the email, you can easily click on them to manage the job in question, and repost them as well.

We hope you love this feature, and if you have a great suggestion on how we can whip up even more magic for you and make your recruitment workflow even easier, drop us a note and your suggestion may just be the next exciting feature we roll out to all our users!