New Feature : Tagging

StaffOnDemand Blog

Our new feature is sure to bring a big smile to your face, as it is one that has been brought to fruition through the helpful suggestions from our users!

With this new feature, you can look forward to amplified flexibility and control during your hiring process. As the feature name suggests, you will be able to add predefined tags to applicants that you can then use for searching and filtering in your review / hiring process.

A typical use case

This feature works great especially if you have more than 1 reviewer involved in the applicant review process, and you would like to indicate that the applicants have been reviewed so that you can easily identify and review those that have just came into the talent pool.

At the same time, tagging allows you to gain a greater granularity on the candidate's status in the recruitment process flow as well (e.g. the candidate has been phone screened and have had interaction with the hiring team).

How to use it

To tag an applicant is really simple. Click on the "More" tab when you hover over the applicant, and select the option "Add Tags" as shown in the screenshot below.

Choose from any of the pre-defined tags in the drop down list and that's it!


Narrow your search for the best candidate for a job by combing through your existing talent pool effortlessly by using these tags!

A Typical Scenario For You? Find Out How Tagging Helps.

You have just received hundreds of applicants for a job position that you have recently advertised using StaffOnDemand. To review all the applicants quickly, you roped in two of your colleagues in the HR team by adding them to the Hiring Team. To spilt up the work, tag the applicants that you have reviewed by tagging them as “Reviewed”, or “Phone Screened”, if you have conducted a phone interview with the applicant. Your colleagues will then be able to see that tag for the applicant by hovering over the tag icon, and move on to review another applicant instead.


This feature is made available in its initial launch for all our clients for a period of 3 months (till end July 2016), afterwhich only Enterprise clients will continue to enjoy this feature. Curious about our Enterprise plan? Reach out to us today!