Paperless Interviews : Do your part to save the environment!

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Feeling the burn from the unforgiving heat in Singapore these days?

Over the last two weeks of March, daily maximum temperatures are expected to range between 33°C and 34°C, and could reach a high of around 36°C on a few days.

The heat has been blamed largely on El Niño , which happens when sea surface temperatures in the central and eastern tropical Pacific Ocean become warmer than usual, causing a shift in atmospheric circulation.

A recent study, which builds on prior efforts to reconstruct El Niño's past behavior by examining coral growth, suggests that El Niño and La Niña events have become more variable and intense over the past several decades as a result of climate change. 

Source : Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources

Want to do your bit for the environment ? A good way to start would be to go digital on your recruitment process and here are some tips on how you can do that effortlessly:

  • Do away with the need for paper resumes easily by referring to the applicant's resume easily in your Talentpool Database
  • Arranged for an interview? Click on the scheduled applicant to view the applicant's resume, cover letter, without needing to print them out (save the trees!)
  • Need to take down interview notes and feedback? Do that digitally and have it automatically tagged to the applicant for easy reference by simply clicking on the review tab and pen away!

Go green and go paperless today in your recruitment workflows with StaffOnDemand :)


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