Pro-Tip : Never Miss Out On Great Talents!

StaffOnDemand Blog

For companies with great corporate branding, it is not uncommon to attract scores of talented people, but sometimes, the vacancies that are available may not be suitable - Without a good talent acquisition strategy, HR teams may be unwittingly losing this potential pool of great candidates, which debilitates their talent pipeline for future employment opportunities at the firm.

At StaffOnDemand, we help HR teams to manage and build up their talent pipeline efficiently by allowing jobseekers to indicate their interest in seeking employment with the firm easily, even if they are unable to identify a suitable opportunity at the moment. The jobseekers, who are termed as "General Applicants", can deposit their resumes at your career portal, and be added to your talent pipeline for future consideration should a suitable opportunity arise in the near future.

To view these applicants in your talent pool, simply follow these few simple steps:

  1. Go to your Talent pool
  2. Click on the filter tab to see a display of available filter options
  3. Set the filter “Source Type” to “General Application” and voila!

As always, you will be able to view the applicant’s resume and assign him/her to a suitable position that has just opened up. Leverage on your own talent pool to build up your talent pipeline today!

Love this feature or know a way to improve? We are all ears. Share with us your thoughts and you might just see that suggestion come to fruition in the near future!