Pro-Tip : Seen / Unseen Filter

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If you handle high volume of applicants for the jobs that you are recruiting for, this post is dedicated to you.

Yes, you - You who have suffered from what is deceptively known as a “Happy Problem”, when you put out a job ad and scores of people throw in their CVs for consideration.

So many, that it would take you days to review them all. In all fairness, you could easily just choose the 1st ten resumes to drop their resumes (Fastest fingers first, right?) and dispense with the rest, but that might not yield you the best catch.

Sure, with the use of our smart filters, you could easily filter out some of the candidates that clearly did not fit the selection criteria, and send them a personalised email to update them of their unsuccessful application. These candidates will be moved to the rejection folder automatically —> Check out this article if you didn’t know you could do that.

For the brave lot of you who encounter an avalanche of the worthy applicants, and are absolutely resolute in reviewing each and everyone of them, here’s a pro-tip for you that might help you in what you do!

Divide and Conquer

To review the whole list of applicants, it would be wise to review the applicants in batches (e.g. review 50 applicants today, and review another 50 tomorrow, etc). The key is that you need a quick way to easily determine whether you have reviewed the candidates and pick up from where you last left off yesterday.

Meet the Seen / Unseen Filter

When you click Quick View or View on the applicant to view his/her resume, the applicant will be considered as "Viewed" by you in the system. Expand the applicant filter, and check against "Unseen" under the Seen / Unseen filter - And that’s it! You will now see the applicants that are awaiting your review!