SCCCI HR Capability Workshop - Recruitment & Selection

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Recently, StaffOnDemand and LinkedIn were invited to join SCCCI to share on recruitment trends and selection strategies. Targetting local SMEs, the HR Capability Workshops are a great way for HR teams to understand the ongoing SME government schemes available to help them improve and optimise HR operational efficiency.

The session, touching on recruitment and selection strategies, is a hot topic for HR Teams and SME business owners, whom, in a recent survey, have listed manpower sourcing as the top issue that they grapple with. The packed room saw to more than 34 organizations that wanted to hear about the latest recruitment technologies, as well as the government assistance schemes available for SMEs.

An interactive session with active participation from the audience!

It was great fun as we gave an overview of the latest recruitment trends in Singapore, as well as some of the common pitfalls to avoid in job ad postings - Many of the HR personnel participated actively in our Q&A session, during which the participants thought hard about the various common phrases seen in job advertisements and whether these phrases were actually aligned with the Fair Consideration Framework and Tripartite Guidelines of Fair Employment. 

During the talk, SMEs business owners and HR teams also took home some key talent recruitment strategies that they can easily apply to reach out to more jobseekers easily through using StaffOnDemand.

The session also featured LinkedIn Senior Sales Consultant, Jeanne Lee, who spoke about social media recruiting, and how SMEs can reach out to passive jobseekers in today's tight labor market.

Business Consultative Advisor, Aaron and SME Talent Programme (STP) Manager David provided the SMEs present a walk-through on the various government schemes available and how to go determining the suitability of each scheme for the SME.

The HR Capability Workshops are complimentary, and are meant to help SMEs to improve their HR efficiency. Come join SCCCI for the next session on 28 September 2015, where speakers will be touching on another aspect of the HR spectrum  - Employment & Performance Management.

For more details, do register early at this link.

Light refreshments provided for the workshop participants