SHRI SME HR Seminar Series - 9 December 2015

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Over a 100 strong crowd gathered despite the stormy weather last Wednesday at e2i’s Devan Nair Institute for the SHRI SME HR Seminar. Entitled “Calibrating the Recruitment and Retention Strategies amidst the Competitive Business Environment”,  the seminar is targetted towards HR practitioners and business owners who are looking to take a holistic approach towards improving the organisation and gain the upper hand in the war of talent.

Mr. Ethan Tan, the executive director of SHRI, kickstarted the seminar with an outlook for SMEs in the coming year, highlighting the challenges that SMEs faced in a increasingly tight labour market. With a constantly changing environment, SMEs must learn to adapt in order to thrive in the new economy. Citing the example of recruitment technology and social recruiting tools that are increasingly popular with jobseekers, he urged HR practitioners to explore the use of these tools to  reach out to more jobseekers, and scour a bigger talent pool for the right candidate.


The need to change and rethink the recruitment model was also underscored in the very first presentation by Henri, SHRI’s Associate Consultant, where he expounded on the need for employers to review existing recruitment strategies in the face of macro dynamics and employment trends, such as job redesign and flexible work hours for mature workers, and resolving conflicts in an intergenerational workforce.

Moving beyond recruitment, Hubert, the 2nd speaker, spoke on the importance of staff retention, offering a practical approach towards developing staff retention strategies. The alarming fact that as many as one in three people are thinking of leaving their organization in the short-medium term  points to an immediate need for HR practitioners to critically rethink their staff retention strategies and take on a proactive stance.

With more than 20 years of human resources management experience, Hubert illuminates with actual examples where staff retention strategies may fail, and how to avoid these pitfalls when executing these strategies.

Wendy, the third speaker for the seminar, took a light-hearted approach in sharing with the audience about the changing workforce dynamics, with particular reference on how employers should engage and attract the millennial workforce. Wendy put forth a holistic approach to tailored talent acquisition strategies, bringing the crowd through a series of job redesign exercises with case examples on how the HR practitioner could turn a dry job ad that read more like a laundry list, to a simple 2-liner that poses as an interesting challenge for the jobseekers.

Cognisant of the macro environment changes, Wendy also encouraged employers to move beyond traditional mediums (e.g. newspaper advertisements) and leverage upon social media platforms to look for millennial jobseekers, making reference to modern recruitment technology like StaffOnDemand and professional networks like LinkedIn to amplify the outreach to jobseekers easily.

StaffOnDemand is very privileged to share the stage as a moderator to the engaging panel session that was helmed by the three distinguished speakers. The panel drew many interesting questions from the floor, as HR practitioners weighed in on actual issues that they face (e.g. wage negotiation for employees that threaten to leave). At the same time, the speakers also shared more on the real-life cases that they came across in their illustrious careers, and were very candid on the challenges faced as well as how they overcame the issues with the proper framework and processes.

Having heard from all three distinguished speakers on the different aspects of the HR spectrum, as well as some of the practical solutions for the challenges faced by HR practitioners, it was a real treat for the attendees that turned up for the seminar - e2i, the supporting partner for this event, also gave an excellent overview of the e2i services (e.g. career fairs, job placement, professional development) that they provide for companies.

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Rethink the recruitment model within Singapore's Context - Mr Henri Tan