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StaffOnDemand has been invited to showcase the use of our recruitment technology in Indonesia at an event dedicated for fast growing firms in Singapore to recruit from the very best talent pools.

To assist our very own homegrown firms to venture abroad and manage their in-market hires in Indonesia, we empower them with the same powerful recruitment tool you have at your disposal. cool

The most tricky hurdle in overseas expansion : Recruitment

Having built an substantial amount of brand equity in your home market, it might come as a rude shock when firms venture overseas to set up shop and realised they could not recruit good in-market hires.

In the new market, your brand equity could be non-existent / negligible, and good talents are often innundated with offers from established brands both in-market and overseas in a labor-tight market - As a result, your recruitment efforts may see little return or take up from the local jobseekers, which severely hampers your overseas expansion plans.

In the interim, a short-term solution may be to parachute your staff to set up operations in the new market, but in the longer run, there is no way to avoid the elephant in the room: Companies need to garner in-market hires (and good ones, if we may add, as bad hires can be very costly).

A successful in-market recruitment strategy therefore underpins the firm’s expansion plans, and it helps to be equipped with the right tools to help you recruit!

Utilising recruitment technology : The smarter way to hire

We couldn’t be more proud to empower our homegrown employers that are making big strides in the international space with our recruitment technology. One of the first problems that lean HR teams face when assisting their firm in overseas expansion is in scaling up to market their job opportunities to the in-market talent pool.

Amongst the many powerful features included as part of StaffOnDemand’s offering, is the ability for HR Teams to create their own mobile responsive career portal in less than 5 minutes, and maintain it easily without having to tax the internal IT team or external vendors at all - By allowing end users (HR teams like yourself) to be able to manage the career portal and update the contents by yourself, HR teams can reap significant cost savings, while at the same time, better engage with jobseekers.

Building brand equity in-market with a mobile responsive portal

In a recent study done on SouthEast Asia companies, it is found that less than 10% of the companies surveyed have a mobile responsive careers site. In the grander scheme of things, this may not seem like a particularly interesting (much less alarming) piece of information, but in the face of a fast growing population of jobseekers that use their mobile devices for their job search, your mobile unresponsive career portal can act against you as a pretty formidable killer of your talent pipeline in the new market!

Arming your overseas expansion with a powerful, mobile responsive career portal that automatically syncs up with the available in-market career opportunities can bring about immense benefits - For one, you can easily upload content to emphasise about your company’s brand and what it stands for to potential hires, and build up your brand equity with a strong web presence.

It therefore serves as a great tool that can help you to attract and channel substantial traffic of potential hires and indulge jobseekers with the information they need in order to garner their applications.

In addition, jobseekers can be your customers as well, and a career portal with a strong corporate branding can deepen the interaction and improve the overall impression of the corporate brand as a whole in the new market that you are venturing in.

The feature-rich career portal not only allows jobseekers to browse through current job opportunities easily on their mobile devices and send in their application directly via the portal, but also enable jobseekers to share the job ad through their own social networks as well, thereby amplifying your job ad outreach to a even bigger, in-market audience.

Handling large application volumes

In certain markets, successful job marketing (i.e. making the job opportunity known to in-market jobseekers) can lead to a different set of problems - Lean HR teams may face an ostensibly large amount of job applications, and be overstretched in handling the review of these applications efficiently.

Just handling the collation of applications alone can be a nightmare, if you are doing it in a brute-force (and very painful) fashion of manual collation, as the volume (and ensuing problems) quickly amplify when you need to hire for multiple departments and for multiple positions.

The best news we have for HR teams? This nightmare is completely avoidable. By using StaffOnDemand to power your recruitment workflows, the problem of collation disappears in its entirety, as the system automatically tags each application that comes in with the job opportunity and the source from which it came from as well. It also notifies the relevant hiring team members (that are involved in the review of the applicants) of job applications that came in, so that they can log into the system to start their review or engage with the applicants immediately.

Neat, and very elegant solution, we like to call it. :)

Building up your talent pool for fast growth

When it comes to overseas market expansion, the need for speed cannot be understated.
Faced with a huge volume of applications, the HR team may quickly realise that they are building up a reservoir of talent quickly, with no good way to cross reference them.

For example, an applicant for one job (that has been filled) may actually be a good fit for another position instead - Without a proper talent pool management system, cross-referring good candidates for other positions in the firm can be a tall order. Fortunately, you can easily and (very quickly) do so within the system in a single click by assigning the candidate to another open job for consideration.

This essentially drives up the efficiency of each recruitment drive, as good talents that have been spotted by your colleagues can now find the right fit (with the right job) within the firm fast, making the cost per acquisition/hire much lower.

Going overseas to take on a new market? Power charge your recruitment with us!

If you are a local company in Singapore, consider tapping on the myriad of government grants that are targetted at helping you increase productivity through the use of technological solutions or to venture to new markets.

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