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TL;DR StaffOnDemand partners with SHRI Corporation to help SMEs through new SME support scheme launched by SPRING Singapore.

SHRI Corporation is one of the approved service providers for the HR Shared Services for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) launched by SPRING Singapore. Under this scheme, SMEs can benefit from the adoption of HR recruitment systems and advisory services and get up to 70% reimbursement for qualifying costs.

“By partnering with StaffOnDemand, we empower our clients to greatly enhance their recruitment processes through the aid of a consolidated recruitment platform. Through the use of StaffOnDemand, clients can do away with repetitive and tedious tasks that does not value add to the recruitment processes, such as posting of job ads to multiple portals and consolidation of job applications, and focus more on getting the right talents onboard,”

- Mr Kao Beng Lee, Director, SHRI Corporation Pte Ltd

As a partner to SHRI Corporation, SMEs can utilise the Enterprise Recruitment Management System developed by StaffOnDemand to reduce their hiring cycle time by as much as half.

An All-in-One Solution for SME recruiting needs

“I have used 7 different platforms for recruitment prior to StaffOnDemand. I must say StaffOnDemand has been very effective on that front. Most of my new hires came from StaffOnDemand versus the other platforms I am using.”

- Douglas Gan, Founder, Vanitee

Popular with SMEs across industry verticals like Hospitality, Technology, eCommerce, Educational Institutions and ISPs, StaffOnDemand helps SMEs to quickly reach out to jobseekers across multiple job portals, online jobseeker communities and classified ad sites, amplifying the outreach of the SMEs in a simple step.

As jobseekers get increasingly savvy with their job search via online channels, it is critical for SMEs to have a digital brand presence as well. Through StaffOnDemand, SMEs can effortlessly maintain a full-featured, mobile-responsive career portal that jobseekers can go to for information about the company, as well as apply for career opportunities at the company.

All job applications are automatically collated on a single platform for instant review, thereby greatly reducing the processing time required. Through the same platform, SMEs can also schedule for interviews, engage in collaborative hiring / peer interviews, engage with the jobseekers and keep a robust and secure digital database of the applicants, providing SMEs with a transparent and accountable overview of their recruitment process.

SPRING Singapore HR Shared Services for SMEs

To help SMEs improve and optimise HR operational efficiency, SPRING Singapore has appointed a common pool of HR service providers to offer SMEs shared access to HR systems and services, including advisory services. Through this scheme, SMEs can strengthen their HR capabilities, and look forward to savings in costs and resources required to support HR operation, with funding support of up to 70% of qualifying costs.

To find out more, please visit SPRING Singapore at this link.

Exclusive Partnership Launch Promotion for SMEs

As part of this exclusive partnership, SMEs that are interested to leverage on the HR Shared Services Scheme to improve their Human Resource Operations can enjoy the following promotion:

  • Free 1 month HR diagnosis and advisory services provided by SHRI Corporation
  • Free 1 month Enterprise trial of StaffOnDemand Recruitment Management System

To sign up, simply click here.

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