Tap on Capability Development Grant to Build Up Personal Data Protection For Your Business

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Adopting good personal data protection practices is a business imperative that yields a competitive advantage.

Organisations that design their operations around data protection policies can instil accountability in their business processes, bringing their business excellence to the next level.

You can now tap on the Capability Development Grant (CDG) to Build up Personal Data Protection for your business and defray up to 70% of qualifying upgrading project costs (e.g. consultancy and training services, assessments and audits, and software adoption). Practical solutions and services may entail (but are not limited to) the following activities:

  • Data management system
  • Data inventory mapping process
  • Gap analysis and vulnerability assessments
  • Risk analysis to enhance security control
  • Data management policy
  • Automation and streamline of process framework
  • Training and audit services

Personal Data Protection of Job Applicant Data

As part of the interview / candidate review process, it is common for employers to print out copies of the applicants' resumes and application forms for the convenience of the interviewers. A concern that may then arise, is the handling of these documents post interview - Will the reviewer simply dump the resume and ensuing personal data into the physical trash bin and end up being leaked to external parties with malicious intent?

Save the Trees, And Protect Personal Data at the Same Time (The 'No Paper' Approach)

Using StaffOnDemand, you can do away with the need for paper resumes and application details effortlessly.

Review / Shortlisting Applicants

Include relevant hiring managers in your hiring team for the job - They will only be able to access applicants for the job that they are reviewing for, and can shortlist the applicants easily within the same platform.

Candidate Interviews

If you have arranged for an interview and would like to reference the candidate's resume before or during the interview, simply click on the scheduled applicant to view his/her resume, cover letter, without needing to print them out.

Review Notes on Candidate's Interview

Need to take down interview notes and feedback? Do that digitally and have it automatically tagged to the applicant for future reference by simply clicking on the review tab and pen away!

Comply with the latest PDPA guidelines for Personal Data Protection of Job Applicant Data effortlessly with StaffOnDemand!

To find out how you can tap on CDG for the use of StaffOnDemand, contact us today!