Too Quick to Judge?

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Recently, a video on senior executives and HR personnel reviewing resumes of jobseekers went viral, challenging the age-old practice of judging a candidate’s potential by virtue of what is written on the resume.

In the short video, these executives took quick notes while skimming through the anonymous resumes (names of the candidates are hidden), mainly indicating how the resume “is kind of bad” because of the candidate’s lack of experience, lack of relevant education, high salary expectations or serial hops in the work history.

Based on the resumes alone, the candidate wouldn’t stand a chance to get past the review stage, let alone garner an opportunity for an interview.

The real twist to the story came when the names behind the resumes were revealed  - Much to the surprise of the executives, these resumes were that from an internationally acclaimed director and successful entrepreneur, who had splotchy work history and education at best. The last resume was that of either a personal friend or close one, leading the executives to reflect on how they may have been too quick to judge by a few lines on a paper resume.

As a talent recruiter, you probably are put in a very similar situation, every day. Hopefully, this serves as a poignant reminder on how recruiters should actively seek to uncover the real person behind each job application. As the common adage goes, don't judge a book by its cover, it's even more important to reflect upon our recruitment practices and not judge a person's potential purely by his/her CV!



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