Top 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Invite Job Applications via Email

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We could think of countless reasons why choice employers like yourself should never invite job seekers to send in their job application via email, but here’s our top 5:

1. It invites spam

Putting your email address out there in the world wide web is an open outcry for spammers to bombard your already burgeoning email inbox. Rather than getting quality applicants coming in with their earnest job applications, you tend to receive pleas from random strangers to manage their unknown sources of wealth, dubious health remedy products with preposterous claims and the plain gibberish spam that just makes no sense. Do yourself (and your inbox) a favor, and stop feeding the spammers fodder.

2. It makes your work harder

Besides having to deal with work emails from bosses, colleagues, clients and so on, now you also have to battle spam that are flooding your inbox. On random occasions, you may get genuine job applications emails thrown into the mix as well, and now what? You find yourself having to create email folders to house these applications for review, look through the 10000 unread emails and dragging and dropping the job application emails into the designated folder. There goes your lunch break.

3. Things could get messy (or worse)

You could have advertised your job ad at several places, and are receiving applications from all over the place; Some are in the job portals and some are peppered in your email inbox. While you could be resigned to a fate of being entrenched in a messy frenzy that requires you to toggle endlessly between the different systems to collate the applications, consider the probability that some applications may get lost in the process; You could risk losing choice job candidates without even realizing it!

4. Kills the trees

When you collate email applications, you tend to want to print out those applications and the email that the person sent ; It kills the trees, and you probably have to wrestle with the uncooperative office printer more often than you need to. Save the environment and yourself from the insanity of printing for the sake of collating the resumes for review!

5. There are better ways

Every time we come across a beautifully done careers page or a well crafted job ad with a little para that says “Interested applicants are invited to send in their applications to [company email address], we let out a quiet sigh and say a little prayer for the email inbox that’s on the precipice of a spam avalanche.

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